Custom Saltwater Welded Traps

Trap Information

All saltwater traps are made from high carbon steel with zinc anodes to help keep the traps free of rust. For an extra 10% charge per trap, an anti-fouling paint will be used. The anti-fouling paint will greatly reduce your the number of barnacles, seaweed, algae and other materials that will reduce the life span of the trap. The anti-fouling paint will also cut down on maintenance of the traps as they will not have to be cleaned as often. Replacement zinc anodes will also be provided at a low cost if needed. For crab, lobster and pinfish traps you can choose between a bare metal finish, bare metal finish with zinc anodes, green or black painted finish, rubber dipped finish, anti-fouling paint finish or anti-fouling paint finish along with zinc anodes.


Standard Square Crab Trap – $32.00
Standard Round Crab Trap – $35.00
6 Door Octagon Crab Trap – $37.00
Standard Stone Crab Trap – $40.00

Quality Fishing Equipment at an Affordable Price!


Sheldon Industries Inc. sources the highest quality lure blanks, graphite/carbon fiber/fiberglass rod blanks. My company also produces frog gigs and fish spears as well as trotline equipment, fish traps, crawfish traps. My company will also produce custom products to fit your specifications for specific  All products are then hand painted with three separate coats of paint, two coats of clear coat, and hooks installed in Tallahassee, Florida. Quality is guaranteed and any lures that break or chip for any reason besides misuse will be replaced or refunded. Thank you for choosing Sheldon Industries Inc. for your fishing and other outdooor product needs.

Zane Sheldon

CEO & President of Sheldon Industries