Custom Saltwater Welded Traps

Trap Information

All saltwater traps are made from high carbon steel with zinc anodes to help keep the traps free of rust. For an extra 10% charge per trap, an anti-fouling paint will be used. The anti-fouling paint will greatly reduce your the number of barnacles, seaweed, algae and other materials that will reduce the life span of the trap. The anti-fouling paint will also cut down on maintenance of the traps as they will not have to be cleaned as often. Replacement zinc anodes will also be provided at a low cost if needed. For crab, lobster and pinfish traps you can choose between a bare metal finish, bare metal finish with zinc anodes, green or black painted finish, rubber dipped finish, anti-fouling paint finish or anti-fouling paint finish along with zinc anodes.


Standard Square Crab Trap – $32.00
Standard Round Crab Trap – $35.00
6 Door Octagon Crab Trap – $37.00
Standard Stone Crab Trap – $40.00

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